Over 30 years of business in LAO PDR, Laothani Group have seen the market was full of imitation parts and low quality parts selling through out country. We decided to make some footprint to make sure that Customers will be able to access to high quality products and parts for their vehicles and machineries.
In 2013, Donaldson Filtration was our first Aftermarket brand in our umbrella, which the well-known in Filter specialist and offer top of the class products to many Manufacturers as their first fit filters.
A success of launching Donaldson Filters, made us decided to expand our line-up into Automotive and Diesel engine aftermarket parts with Bosch in 2015. And the same year, Laothani group was received the support from Shell Thailand for supplying Komatsu Genuine Oils to Laos, and expanded our partnership for the Mining and Quarry lubricants supply.
In 2017, Laothani Group was appointed to be Sole Distributor for Hankook’s AtlasBX batteries, the No.1 battery brand in Korea, with the leading technology knowledge such as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), X-Frame plus, Carbon plus, etc.
Meaning of ATLASBX, “ATLAS” named after Ancient Greek god “Atlas” which symbolizes power and endurance, and “BX” for “Battery Expert” company, the name is represented the Powerful and durable battery from the expert.
In 2018-2019, SKF and Recochem were 2 new brands to fulfil our product line up, with SKF, we were setting up the new supporting team which will be able to take care Industrial segment customers, Cements and Minings. While Recochem Brand, who is the expertise in Coolant specialty and Cleaning chemical products, which we are offered the various products cover demand in Automotive business, Industrial business, Construction business and Household.
Later in 2021, we have made the agreement to distributing and marketing long history “GULF” Oil for Lao marketing, which the specialty of lubricants for Motorsports, Supercars, Passenger vehicles & Motorcycles.